Monday, February 19, 2024

Monday Meme #28

I am reviving this little feature after eight years. You might see a couple recycled from when I did this in 2016, but they were funny then and they are still funny now. Occasionally they will be more introspective or comforting. No matter what, they will be about reading and books.

No one needs that kind of negativity. EVER.

Happy Reading!


  1. People have been amazed that I could stop reading a book with 6 pages to go and finish it the next day.... [lol] But I've also finished a book in a single day with my eyes burning, my head aching & needing the bathroom because it was SO good....

    1. There is no way I could stop with 6 pages left!! Your restraint is amazing.

  2. Like CyberKitten, it definitely depends on the book for me.


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