Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Would You Rather... #9

This is becoming one of my fave things. I love debating the pros and cons of a comfy and not-so-comfy reading nooks.



...Have Option A or Option B?

(Remember, you are choosing ONLY based on how comfy/cozy it would be for reading, and ease of access to books while reading!)

Happy Reading!


  1. A definitely although I'm not sure, is that like a pull out bed or something? Almost looks too cozy *falls asleep reading* B is nice too though, although again it's outside so subject to weather vagaries. And it looks comfy but kinda small for long periods of time?

    I'll go w/ A.

    1. I think I would choose A also. I love how cozy it is, but I would need an extra lamp for reading at night. Even when I made the picture as big as possible, I still couldn't tell if it was a bigger extended couch or a bed. I'd guess a pull out bed of some kind.

  2. A looks way too dark to manage to read and where I live, outside reading like that is not much of an option. So neither would suit me!

    1. I chose A, add a light to read by at night and I am good! I think B looks too small for me, I like to stretch out when I read.


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