Thursday, October 3, 2019

Books From The Backlog #14

Books from the Backlog, hosted by Carole's Random Life in Books, is a fun way to feature some of those neglected books sitting on your shelf unread.

I am featuring books in the order that they were added to my Goodreads To-Read shelf, so sometimes there will be a couple weeks in a row of books on the same topic.

Neglected Book of the Week

Why did I add Mary Queen of Scots to my TBR?

Because she is another Mary who was shaped early on by her environment and circumstances, and did not know until it was too late that she could not trust those around her once she returned to Scotland to rule - lookin' at you, Moray.

Also, QEI was a whiny baby and could not stand that her younger cousin received so much attention. Don't come at me with any garbage about her feeling terrible about Mary's execution. Elizabeth knew for YEARS that Cecil was just waiting for the go-ahead to execute Mary. She knew damn well the moment she signed the death warrant, it would be carried out. Garbage. Garbage. Garbage.

Have you read this book, or is it somewhere on your TBR? If you've read it, would you recommend it to others?


  1. Lots of killing going on back then lol. Bad bad people. :)

    Seriously though, looks like a good one.

    1. Right?! Despite the 'purple prose' accusations Fraser gets, I still enjoy her work, And Mary is another incredibly tragic figure.

  2. I've always been interested in Mary Queen of Scots. She got such a raw deal.

    1. I think so too. She was raised to be a queen at the French court, and used by her father-in-law to needle Elizabeth by wearing the English regalia signifying her as heir to the English throne as well. She was so sheltered and had no idea what she was in for once she was forced to return to Scotland after her husband's death. She had no chance.

  3. Replies
    1. Seeing Holyrood, and walking through the rooms she lived in, standing where Rizzio had been murdered, was very powerful. Her life was so hard once she returned to Scotland and she had never had any education in how she should rule on her own. She had no chance for success - especially with Moray wanting the throne for himself AND conspiring against her.


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