Thursday, January 16, 2020

Books from The Backlog #29

Books from the Backlog, hosted by Carole's Random Life in Books, is a fun way to feature some of those neglected books sitting on your shelf unread.

I am featuring books in the order that they were added to my Goodreads To-Read shelf, so sometimes there will be a couple weeks in a row of books on the same topic.

Neglected Book of the Week

Why did I add Lost to the West to my TBR?

Because the Byzantine Empire is just as important to our history as anywhere else and so many people do not realize the flow of people, ideas, and materials back and forth are part of what makes the world as we know it today. Plus, Byzantine is a fun word to say.

Have you read this book, or is it somewhere on your TBR? If you've read it, would you recommend it to others?

Happy Reading!


  1. It is a fun word to say :) I know nothing about the Byzantine Empire and probably should. I hope this is a good read for you.

    1. Thanks Carole! What I know is colored almost entirely through a Western lens and how Crusaders, etc viewed the empire. I am looking forward to this one.

  2. Brownsworth is fun! BTW, once you read a book on it, you can join the snooty club that avoids "Byzantine" and says "Eastern Rome" instead. (I'm in this club. We serve tea on the regular.)

    1. I think you mentioned him, from when I reviewed his book on the Vikings? Totally did not realize I already had the book on my shelf when you mentioned it. Byzantine is so much more fun to say than Eastern Rome, though. How will I give that up??

  3. Byzantine is a fun word to say. :-) I really need to read more history books like this. I always enjoy them when I do.


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