Thursday, February 11, 2021

First Line Friday #121

First Line Friday is brought to you by Hoarding Books. Playing along is easy: open the book nearest you and share the first line. Then check out the link to see the other first lines posted this week.

"I wrote this book with enough rage to fuel a rocket."

I guess you could say this is the book that radicalized me. Mona Eltahawy is simply amazing. Her courage and convictions are to be admired. We can not be polite, because patriarchy, racism, and misogyny are not polite, as she says time and time again.

You can find my review of the book here and my podcast about it here.

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Happy Reading!


  1. "I am a spy, a sleeper, a spook, a man of two faces. Perhaps not surprisingly, I am also a man of two minds."

    The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen

  2. That is an intriguing first line and sounds like a very important read.

    1. Oh yes, I would love to have a book club reading of this with you and Judy!

  3. My first line is from Shadows of the White City by Jocelyn Green:
    Chapter One. Chicago. Friday, August 4, 1893
    Sylvie hadn’t always leapt to the worst possible conclusion.

  4. From Baltimore Blues by Laura Lippman: "On the last night of August, Tess Monaghan went to the drugstore and bought a composition book--one with a black-and-white marble cover." (I am a notebook person.)

  5. The orange gas giant, Zeus, hung low above the horizon, huge and heavy and glowing with a ruddy half-light. Christopher Paolini: to sleep in a sea of stars (mrs. m is reading this...)

  6. Happy Friday! My first line is from "Cast the First Stone" by David James Warren:

    "It's the regrets that keep me awake."

  7. On my blog I shared the first line from Just Look Up by Courtney Walsh.
    "Just Breathe."
    Happy Valentines and Happy Reading ❤


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