Friday, July 9, 2021

Quick Thoughts | Titanic and the Making of James Cameron

Rating ⭐⭐⭐

The author is kind of a toad who REALLY doesn't like DiCaprio at all, or Hollywood much either it seems. The fifteen year old in me wants to fight her.

The adult in me recognizes this is decent work otherwise, detailing Cameron's passion for underwater exploration, telling the story right, and doing it well.


  1. "Fifteen year old me wants to fight her." 😂😂

    I think I was twelve when Titanic released and I made my poor mother sit through it like five or six times at the cinema... Good times.

    1. Oh, for sure! We first saw it for my birthday that January and we saw it at least that many times in the theatre if not more. Then when the movie was re-released in 2012 I went again. I let Eleanor watch a somewhat censored version of it not long ago, because she also loves Titanic and a really cool James Cameron exhibit is at one of our museums right now:


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