Wednesday, June 12, 2024

ARCs ARCs Everywhere!

So I am pretty competitive, in all areas of my life. Eleanor is too, so you can imagine how boardgames go in our home.

The earliest thing I remember being competitive in is reading, no surprise. I was always the kid in class who read the most books for Book It, and just in general. But in 5th grade Jenny Mickelson appeared from no where and read a lot, too. Kids in class were super invested for a minute in the fact that there was now someone who read as much as me. I was invested for the entire fucking year and you can be damn sure I did, in fact, win at the end of the year but I was IN IT.


Eleanor has to be away from home for a week with her father for his summer vacation parenting time. I am going to use the opportunity to read ARCs. It’s literally the only thing that makes the time go by faster until she gets to come home. I still have a few library books lying around but they are going on the back burner for this entire week.

So basically, I am competing with myself, and I REALLY want to win.

Some of these ARCs are embarassingly old, because I just kept requesting or being offered new ones. It is a sickness. But it could be worse. I could be doing black tar heroin. So, perspective, right?

Also, putting myself on blast (mostly) weekly for my Tackling the TBR clearly has not shamed me enough (and neither have any of you), and even my monthly State of the ARC posts have not either, so here is one post dedicated solely to the ARCs I have yet to complete.

Current ARCs

OF COURSE my goal is to read them all, but the realist in me knows that is simply not possible. But if I can knock out as many as I can in the week I have, I will be happy. The purpose of this is to get them read, we can talk writing up the actual reviews later (but no joke, there are dozens I need to review. Not doing this part regularly is why my current ratio is 70%. I actually have more to review than I have to read. It's probably what I should actually focus on, but I have already written this whole post and added the book covers, so whatevs).

Wish me luck! Or laugh because I have no shelf control.

Happy Reading!


  1. I'm very proud of my ratio at the moment: 94%. I've been there though, the ARCs begin piling up and there's no real end in sight. I've learned to control myself, though those emailed netgalley widgets can be hard to resist!

    1. That's fantastic! My highest has been 97% and I am trying so hard to get back there. I worked really hard to get there in the first place and then sometimes publishers are really good at auto-approving me, or emailing me, or granting every wish I make. It's not the worst problem to have in the grand scheme of things, but being below 80% makes me so uncomfortable because I hate it.

      Those widgets are dangerous! Two days ago I got an email about up-coing YA thrillers that were read now for 48 hours...I got three of them. Ugh. But one, The Debutantes, is FANTASTIC and a five-star read for more. I read it in a couple hours.

    2. I just got approved for Liz Moore's latest, so I have to shuffle some things around again haha. Did you read Long Bright River?

    3. I've never read that one but I think I remember talking about it. The cover is definitely familiar when I went and look at it on Goodreads. Once I am done focusing on these ARCs, I will see if my library has it!

  2. I read on Kindle now and only get a book when I'm ready to read it. That has cured me of having a stack of unread books. BTW, I see one on your list that I'm adding to mine - "Egypt's Golden Couple." That period of history has always been of great interest to me.

    1. I wish I could have that control! But it's so hard when publishers auto-approve me, or email me directly, or grant every wish I make on NetGalley. Egypt's Golden Couple is really good so far, I hope you like it!


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