Thursday, March 29, 2018

First Line Friday: Holy Week Edition

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Every year starting on Palm Sunday, I read the book that I am sharing today. I love this book for many reasons, and I highly encourage anyone reading this FLF to check it out.


"The four Gospels contain eyewitness accounts (and first-hand reports) of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus."

First and foremost of course, it is about the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for us so we may have eternal life with our Creator. There are many reasons to enjoy this book - though enjoy might not be the right word, considering the suffering Jesus endured, but I think you understand what I mean. This is a book I have been reading every year for quite some time now, and it is among my most valued. Each chapter is devoted to the actions of Jesus and His disciples on Palm Sunday through Easter. The book breaks down each book in the Gospel, showing first what each book says, and then providing commentary on why these books might be different in their accounts, and what it all means. There are several additional useful resources, such as maps of where these places were in Jerusalem, and a Scripture Guide to all the events during Holy Week. The epilogue covers subsequent appearances of Jesus beyond Easter Sunday, to the Ascension. I have also found the suggested readings to be helpful and they are broken up into beginning, intermediate, and advanced sections by topic. Overall, this is such a wonderful resource to have for this most important week. 

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Happy Easter!


  1. Just starting this 700+ page book during my long Easter break....

    "Tuesday, 4 July 1939, and a hot humid Independence Day in New York City. Far away, across the Atlantic, Europe appeared once more to be cantering towards all-out war for the second time in a generation, but here in America, the land of the free, the growing crisis seemed remote."

    The War in the West - Germany Ascendant 1939-1941 by James Holland.

    1. Biiiig surprise - I have added this one to my TBR! I love that our taste in books intersects constantly.

    2. We do seem to have at least a few topics in common... [grin]. Not sure if you'll like *everything* I'm reading though! [lol]

      I have the first 2 volumes in paperback and am waiting for the last part to come out in paperback. 115 pages in so far and I'm learning things which is good. You could spend your entire life reading about WW2 and still find out new stuff.

    3. Yes, WWII is a topic that I don't think I will ever know everything about, even as I try to read about it. I used to read any and everything I could find about the war and the Holocaust, but after I had a baby I could not bear reading about those horrible crimes anymore. I am also trying to get through 'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich', which apparently everyone in Omaha is reading also, because when I check it out one time, I never get to renew it because someone else is always waiting for it.


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