Sunday, March 25, 2018

Palm Sunday: The Final Days of Jesus

This is not a review, but a celebration of this day - Palm Sunday. Service this morning was wonderful, as usual. And we sang one of my most favorite songs.

Today is the day Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, and so began the last week of His earthly life. Every year, starting today, I go back to a book I love dearly. 


It is a fantastic volume that details day by day this last week. The book lays out the different books of the Gospel, looking at the similarities and differences. Each day I read the corresponding chapter and am filled with His word. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to look at the events day by day. In addition there are photos, texts, charts, and Scripture references. It is a beautiful text that I look forward to every year.

Happy Reading!


  1. Happy Palm Sunday! I have that book on my radar now thanks to one of your posts, and I look forward to getting it and reading it. I'm trying to get it before Easter. :)

    1. Happy Palm Sunday to you also Greg! Luckily, the chapters of Sunday - Wednesday are pretty short, so if you don't get the book until then you'll be okay and will catch up quickly :)


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