Thursday, March 15, 2018

Happy Birthday RBG! (and book recommendations!)


Big surprise, I have a fave supreme court justice - none other than the amazing and awe-inspiring Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Today is her 85th birthday and I pray every night that she will live forever.

I first introduced my Mighty Girl to Ginsburg last year, with this book:


We both enjoyed the story and I will continue to teach Eleanor all I can about the remarkable women who have gone on to become justices of the Supreme Court.

I picked up this treasure when in St Louis (meeting Dan Jones, no big deal):


I enjoyed it, and have a few other titles I will be reading (hopefully) within the year about this most remarkable woman.

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Also, for Halloween in 2017, I even went as RBG. I could not convince Eleanor to be a gavel - nor could I convince her dad to go as Zombie Antonin Scalia. But no worries, I rocked my costume anyway, no?

Happy Reading!


  1. Not surprisingly I've never heard of her... But as it was International Women's Day recently I'm intending to read a few related books - specifically on the Suffragettes.

    Oh, and I've always thought the idea that there are no female heroes for girls to look up to a bit strange. History is FULL of amazing women.

    1. Exactly! I have read 'Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls' - I think we talked about it before? I can't remember. We have the second book also and there are so many women who have done amazing things. I just wish the title didn't imply that these women are rebels for doing great things.

      Ruth Bader Ginsburg is phenomenal. She was the second female justice appointed to the Supreme Court and she is a BAMF!


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