Friday, March 16, 2018

More Missing Scotland Tonight...

Here I am getting all emotional again over a place I love dearly and can not wait to visit again.

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(photo taken by my mom in November, 2009)

So we might have stayed a smidge too long at Stirling and they closed the gates!

Below is one of my favorite photos I took on the whole trip. I am standing at the entrance to Stirling, and the stone bridge in the lower left corner is thought to be roughly where the bridge was where William Wallace and his men obliterated the English foot soldiers. The monument on the next hill is the William Wallace Monument, but unfortunately our tour didn't stop there.

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(photo taken by me in November, 2009)

Until we meet again, Stirling 😘


  1. The Wallace monument has great views from the top but wrap up warm if you go up there as it is windy! The staircase up is really narrow too!

    1. That's what our guide, Hugh, said. (I could have married Hugh; he was fantastic and of course I am such an American - a total sucker for a boy with an English or Scottish accent).

      I definitely want to see the Wallace monument and will heed your advice! Mom and I were there in November and it was the perfect time of year because hardly any tourists. I'm pretty thick-skinned (you have to be, growing up with Minnesota winters) but I will be sure to bring a warm coat for the trek.


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