Saturday, May 26, 2018


Like so many others I have been watching the havoc wreaked by Kilauea for the last three weeks. It is hard to reconcile what I see now with what I saw in 2010 when my grandmother and I visited the Big Island. We visited all over Volcano National Park, walked through the Thurston Lava Tube, and were able to traipse around the hardened lava flows from past eruptions. It's hard to believe it is even the same place.

Grandma and I in June, 2010 at the Jaggar Museum overlooking Kilauea.

Kilauea in May, 2018

 (2nd and 3rd photos taken from this slideshow)


  1. Nature can be beautiful and very destructive. I feel so bad for the people who have lost everything in this eruption.

    1. Me too. I saw a report this morning listing the most updated info on acreage covered by lava, homes destroyed, etc. It seems like a small number, but to those people, it means their whole world is gone. And the Big Island has less than 200,000 people living on it. It's awful.


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