Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day 2018

I have said before that visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had. I feel, very strongly, the same way about visiting Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial in 2010. I was able to take my grandma on this amazing trip that included a day-long tour to various sites around the island, such as Wheeler and Schofield, among others.

But our day began here at Pearl Harbor and to see it all first hand is something I can't describe adequately. Standing aboard the memorial with the knowledge that mere feet below was the final resting place for so many young men who died before they even knew what was going was powerful and as I said, humbling.

Image may contain: cloud and sky
(I took this photo aboard the USS Arizona Memorial in June of 2010)

So, this Memorial Day I will make the same plea I do every year. Please, please, do not forget what this day truly means. While you are celebrating with family and friends, remember that freedom is not free. Men and women far braver than I have given their lives for our nation. Don't take that for granted. 


  1. That's another of the many places I'd love to have visited.

    1. It is such a different experience than reading about, which I know, goes without saying. But, you think you know so much about a historical event, and then you're seeing it with your own eyes and it just kind of blows you away. I read an article recently that said the USS Arizona Memorial is currently closed with no timeline to re-open, due to a structural crack on the structure. Such a sad thing to hear, but also glad that it was discovered early enough that the structure would not fall and damage the Arizona laying below it.


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