Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Tackling the TBR Week 4: Jan 22-Jan 31, 2019

Each week I will be keeping track of books that I have read from my TBR. I have a huge backlog of books and often end up reading new books that are not even on my list, instead of trying to whittle down the list that continues to balloon up on Goodreads. Chuckles had the idea first, and we are going to use this as a chance to encourage each other to get those books read instead of always grabbing new ones and thus never making a dent in the physical and digital stacks we already have. It will also give us a chance to take a good look at our lists and see if there are ones we are no longer interested in. We will be posting on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and the last day of the month.


Previous Week's TBR Total: 4,281

Books Added to TBR This Week: 44

Books Removed from TBR This Week: 105

Currently Reading: 11

Books Finished This Week: 9

Books DNF-ed This Week: 2

Duplicates Removed: 7

New TBR Total: 4,196

Something is a bit wonky with the numbers this week, because when I add and subtract everything I get 4,209. But I went with the number listed on Goodreads because that is where I keep track of everything, and it is entirely possible that I deleted some books, thought I recorded those numbers, but actually did not. Either way, I am making progress!

If you look at my 'Currently Reading' on Goodreads, you find the number much bigger, due to all the research materials I have listed there. The number here accurately reflects the books I am reading myself, as well as chapter books Eleanor and I are reading together. It also includes the chapter books I am reading with my students in guided reading small groups.

Is your TBR under control, or a hot mess like mine?

Happy Reading!


  1. My TBR will never be quite under control but last year I read from those lists more than ever. Progress is good. You feel it right? Also, wow, every year there are amazing books published! That is how the lists got so long in the first place.

    1. Yes!! That is my biggest problem, there are so many great books coming out, my preferences are evolving, and some of the books on my TBR from years ago are getting really hard to find, and libraries no longer carry them. I feel like this will really be the year I get this under control, because now I have a better system - and motivation!

  2. My TBR has added a little weight in the last month, but I blame Christmas gift cards and birthday gift cards for that. I've only purchased one book with "real money" -- a book called "The Big Ones", which is about how disasters have shaped human civilization and how their anticipation is currently changing us.

    1. See, there you go again, giving me ideas for my TBR. The Big Ones took me to a slew of other natural disaster books I also have not read yet, aside from that one. Gift cards are the best, because I think they show that people love you so much, they will just give you money to buy whatever you want, haha

  3. I had issues with my Goodreads total too. I don't entirely trust those numbers but I went with theirs too! That is a big chunk off the TBR, great stuff!

    1. Thank you Chuckles! I checked my numbers several times, but could not figure out where the error was. It still bothers me, but I have decided that being off by less than five books when there are over 4,000 that I am dealing with is okay...even though that is really hard for me to admit!

  4. Hey if the number's coming down it's all good, right? :) Haha progress anyway.

    Happy weekend!

    1. Yes, slooooooowly but surely it is coming off. I added SO MANY last week though, so now I feel like I always have to delete more than I add. And THEN what happens if I get to a point where there are no more books I am no longer interested in, and then the list just keeps growing because of new material. It's a never-ending cycle, aaaauuuggghhhh!!!!!!!!!


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