Monday, March 9, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors Who Have a Fun Social Media Presence

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Gee, I wonder who I could possibly think of to top this list?

My BFF Dan Jones, of course.

I know, obviously we are not really BFFs, but I did meet him at a book signing, he signed ALL my books, we talked afterwards about Eleanor of Aquitaine, and then we took lovely pictures and it was wonderful.

But in all seriousness, Jones is pretty hilarious on social media. That sentence doesn't actually make sense, but oh well. I follow him on both Facebook and Twitter. He was in the habit for a long while of doing Friday Live videos, back when he was working on The Templars and going on the book tour for it. I am insanely jealous of his library. He still does the Friday Live bits, but not as often as before. Something about writing more books, or whatever, I suppose. I also find many of the articles he Tweets about or posts are highly interesting - must be because we both love medieval history (and Eleanor of Aquitaine!) He interacts with fans constantly and I think that is really important. He even posted a review of mine one time and I about died. For real, almost had a heart attack. Worth it.

(Sadly we do not have any pictures together. Yet. Image comes from author's Twitter profile.)

A second author I enjoy immensely who I follow on Twitter is Karen McManus. She is the author of my fave-of-all-time-YA books, One of Us is Lying and One of Us is Next. I also really love Two Can Keep a Secret and am not so patiently waiting for both The Cousins, and You'll Be the Death of Me. One of the things I really like about McManus is the insane amount of fan-interaction constantly going on. I can not think of a single time that I tweeted something involving one of her books, that she did not at least give a 'like' to, if she did not actually respond in writing. This is so, so important and I wish more authors took this time to respond to fans and understood why doing so is important. I get that authors are very busy, but setting aside some time each day or so to interact with the people you are writing for is something important and necessary. Leading up to the publication of One of Us is Next, fans were regularly tweeting fan art and such, and McManus was in turn retweeting and commenting on so many. I absolutely love when an author takes the time to do this and McManus has earned herself a fan for life - though I won't stop asking for another book about my fave Bayview crew. I just won't do it as often.

Who are some authors you included on your list? Leave a comment and a link to your TTT, and I will be sure to check it out.

Happy Reading!


  1. Dan who? :) Seriously though- I have to read one of his books soon. Probably about Templars.

    "Sadly we do not have any pictures together. Yet" lol. STALKER. Haha I'm KIDDING of course. :) McManus does rock on Twitter, I agree.


      She has to come to a book signing somewhere near me, I hope. I can't exactly just hop on a flight to NYC or London :'(

  2. That's really cool about Karen McManus. I always love it when one of my auto-buy authors (or nearly auto-buy) responds to my messages. I haven't read any of her books yet, but I appreciate authors that take time out for their readers.

  3. I love Karen McManus' tweets! She's so fun to follow.

  4. Fun list! I also love Karen McManus! - Hannah @ Back Shelf Books

  5. I've seen McManus mentioned on quite a few lists today. I think I'm gonna have to go on Twitter and follow her now! Great post :)


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