Friday, December 31, 2021

2021 Reading Goals Revisted


Now that we know 2021 basically sucked as much as 2020, I think we can all temper our expectations for 2022, right? For the love of God, get vaccinated and boosted already.

Starting in 2019, I really started relaxing my goals - as much as humanly possible for me, anyway. I am still hyper-competitive, even with myself, so I still set my actual book goal really high, and that won't likely change. But I have also allowed myself to read more fiction, and even a novella here and there. Wacky world, huh?

Here are my goals for 2021, let's see how I did...

1. Read 275 books - If I go solely by the Goodreads tracker, I blew this out of the water by reading 346 books. However, a chunk of those books belong to Eleanor AND I, and I do not count middle grade and elementary chapter books toward my goal unless I read it strictly for myself. My actual total for the year is 234. Not too shabby, even if I did not read 275.

2. Reduce my TBR to less than 2,500 books - So close! I am ending the year at 2,526 books and pretty proud of that fact. While I did not get rid of nearly as many as my first year doing this, I did clear quite a few I am no longer interested in. I consider this one a success as well.

3. Reduce my Upcoming Reviews to less than 150 - LOL. Yeah, right.

I chose to keep it much more simple in 2021 and I will be doing the same in 2022. Reading and blogging is supposed to be fun and I want it to stay that way. In past years I have put a lot of pressure on myself to participate in all my memes weekly and constantly have new content. But that kind of planning made things decidedly not fun and if blogging and reviewing isn't fun, then what's the point?

On January 1st I will have my 2022 reading goals up. Do you set goals for yourself each year, or just wing it?

Happy Reading!


  1. But missing your TBR goal was *my* fault... So.... [lol] Blogging should be fun - not a job. You already have two of those with work and bring up kiddo. I'd hate it if you stopped blogging because of self-induced pressure. Have fun - post it and they will come... Looking forward to your 2022 reviews.

    1. Lol, totally your fault if we are being honest. I will keep doing this as long as it is fun - and it is.

  2. Congratulations on a great year of reading!


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