Monday, December 27, 2021

Top10of2K21 Post #3 | Captivating Characters


Here we go, post #3 for Top10of2K21! If you want to participate, or see what others are saying, click the banner to go to Kimberly's blog.

This one is a lot harder for me than the first two because, despite the amount of fiction I consumed this year, I still read way more non-fiction - which will always be my first love.

Even though I love certain books and authors, typically I forget the characters and plots once they're out of sight and I've finished my review (again, there are exceptions: McManus, Jackson, Summers, Capin). For the authors I just mentioned though, their characters tend to stick with me, long after I have closed the book.

Margaret Moore, the title character from Capin's absolutely beautiful third book. I wanted to keep holding on to Margaret and her girls, long after the book ended.

Lo and Bea Dunham from The Project. Courtney Summers has a way of just twisting the knife, and still manages to keep me coming back for more. I'd put Sadie on this list too, but I read that book in the summer of 2020. Sadie is STILL with me, a year and a half later.

I kind of feel bad saying none of the characters truly captivated me from You'll Be the Death of Me, though I liked the book just fine. However, I think there are a couple reasons for that:

1) I finally gave in and was watching One of Us is Lying on Peacock, falling in love with Nate all over again. You can read all about THAT adventure HERE.

2) I don't know that McManus can top the chemistry of the characters from OOUI - both Lying and Next. She still writes fantastically plotted thrillers, but those two are IT for me - though Two Can Keep a Secret is a very close second. And I did like The Cousins. But none of them hold a candle to the book that started it all.

The Liars. Yep, all of them, but especially Cadence. This damn book, good Lord it left me wondering what I was going to do with my life after reading it. I tried really hard to not think about what the twist could be, because I have a bad habit of guessing and I did not want to ruin the book by guessing. So I just went on my merry way, following the Liars all over the island.

What say you about any of these, agree or disagree? Let me know!

Happy Reading!


  1. All new books to add to my 2022 TBR!

  2. Oh I remember you rec'ing Margaret Moore a while back. Still have to get it. And I've only read Summers' zombie books but they were awesome.

    I'm still not done with You'll Be the death so I'll have to wait to comment. Agree though about OOUIL being the first and best so far... although I'm quite a fan of the Cousins as well.

    I might have to read We were Liars again.

    1. Margaret Moore is everything, I still love it so much. She is sticking with me much like Sadie (Courtney Summers). One has to be familiar with Capin's writing style, or at least aware of it going in. It's very meandering, but that just makes the book all the engaging.

  3. Yeah, I skipped this one, too hard for me to do!

    1. Yes!! It was so tough! I almost didn't do this one, but luckily I was able to find a few.


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