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Top10of2K21 Post #5 | Favorite Couples

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I don't read a whole lot of fiction, especially in the form of a series. As a result, there are not really any couples I have read about in the last year who I love. There's only two, really.


OBVIOUSLY numero uno is Nate and Bronwyn. I did read One of Us is Lying this year (AGAIN), and One of Us is Next. And normally I hate movie/tv covers, but I am making an exception for this one because I love the show SO MUCH. You can read about THAT obsession HERE. Bronwyn and Nate are perfect for each other, and I 1oo% support them being together forever in book 3, One of Us is Back, and if McManus breaks my heart I will scream.

Secondly we have a far more age-appropriate couple, Mercy and Chuck from the Mercy Watts series (link goes to Goodreads). I stumbled upon this series back in 2016 when I was short on time to finish my reading challenge. I started plowing through free cozies that I was finding through BookBub and this series was one of them. I absolutely hated the first book because of the inaccuracies about the college town Mercy visited during the case she was working on. It happened to be my college town and I was not having it. However, I continued reading and totally fell in love with Chuck, her cousin.

I KNOW. Right now you're thinking, "WTF, SARAH?! You just said they were a COUPLE you LOVED?!"

Chuck and Mercy are not actually cousins. Mercy's uncle adopted Chuck when he married Chuck's mom, then they divorced a year or two later. Chuck stuck around because he idolized Mercy's dad, a detective, and followed in his footsteps to join the police force. So, they've known each other for years, are not blood related, and Chuck has basically been in love with Mercy for years. Mercy has also been in love with Chuck, it just takes her a while to realize it.

It's not gross, I promise. And Mercy constantly says it is and that Chuck is gross for flirting with her, but everyone else is always telling her they're not related so it's not. The books are also funny and dramatic and a fun way to pass a couple hours.


What's your take on these? Which couples would you have on your list? Let me know!

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  1. Ooh just saw this on Twitter. This is one of those cases where the show tie- in cover isn't... bad? And don't worry, Natewyn are safe. McManus wouldn't do that to us? Right???????????????????

    1. I don't hate the tie-in, but I don't love them as a rule. Because the book is always better (except for The Godfather, and Jurassic Park in certain aspects). In this case, the book is better in showing all of the history of Nate and Bronwyn, but the show is also really fucking good.

      In the immediate aftermath of the explosion, before I knew if Nate was okay, I Tweeted at her about him and she was completely unapologetic. It was refreshing, and also terrifying. Now that I am getting what I want in a third book, after hounding her for months, I am utterly terrified of what she is capable of.

  2. Even if you don*t read much fiction, it's still great that you can reduce your list to 2 books only. I had 18 this year. My favourite books 2021 are in my Statistics.

    1. This was such a hard list to come up with, since I don't typically care too much about characters in fiction that I read. But these are the two I love and can't wait to see what hapens next with.


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