Saturday, July 6, 2019

Eleanor Says...Magic Tree House Edition III

I started this feature in order to not only give children's books more time and space, but to hear from a child about the very books they should (or should not) be reading. Eleanor often pretends to be blogging on her own 'laptop' and I thought this would be a fun way to combine the two things I love most: my daughter, and books.

While I try not to blog too much while Eleanor and I are both home, she knows that I write about books I love and loathe, and that I have a blog. I asked if she would like to tell people what she thinks of kids' books, and if we could put her ideas on my blog too. She liked this idea a lot. I explained to Eleanor what the star-rating means, and that she can say anything she thinks about the book, that nothing is wrong; she can talk about things she did or did not like, as well as how the story made her feel. She now asks as soon as we finish a book if we can talk and write about it.

Here are Eleanor's thoughts on a few of our recent reads, straight out of her five year old brain:

Eleanor Says: I liked when Annie pretended to be a soldier. It made me sad that girls could not go to the Olympics. I loved Pegasus. I like how he rescued them.

Eleanor Says: I liked when the polar bears were sliding on their bellies. The Arctic was super duper cold, colder than you could imagine. It was very nice for the seal hunter to help Annie and Jack. It was scary when the ice started to crack, but the momma polar bear kept them safe.

Eleanor Says: I did not like when many people got killed. This happened in the real war, not in the book. It makes me sad and uncomfortable. I did like when Jack and Annie taked care of the soldiers, and met John, their ancestor. They didn't know he was their ancestor until they got home. Jack also told an old man who used to be a slave that in the future, African-American kids would grow up and be doctors and teachers and many kinds of jobs. He gave the man hope.

Mom says: I am so glad that this book did not shy away from the cause of the Civil War. Slavery was the cause, states' rights to have slaves. Don't ever let anyone ever tell you differently!

Eleanor Says: Jack and Annie went to the moon and that is why it is called Midnight on the Moon. I did not like when they fell because it was dumb and they couldn't get up. They needed help. The mysterious person helped them. They did not know him. The moon was astonishing, because we saw pictures of what the moon looks like. I like that they didn't need a rocket ship to get to the moon because they went in the tree house. it was funny when Annie drove the moon buggy and Jack was scared. I want to drive a moon buggy.


  1. Fun! THose Magic Tree House kids are well traveled. :) I especially love mythology in books like this for kids.

    1. It's one of the reasons I really like the series - Eleanor has been exposed to so many new people and events. She is currently obsessed with ancient Egypt at the moment, but does not actually like the word ancient because of how it is spelled, lol. She is annoyed that there is no 'ch' in the spelling.

      I also love that many of the books come with a non-fiction companion called Fact Finders, which gives further details of some of the cultures, people, and events that Jack and Annie discover.

  2. LOVE the variety. Eleanor's mind must be expanding at the speed of light!

    1. I hope so! She is really into ancient Egypt now, and we are reading the non-fiction Fact Finder text that goes with 'Mummies in the Morning' that we recently finished. She is annoyed that the word ancient is spelled without a 'ch' and thinks that is dumb, lol.

  3. Eleanor, another batch of wonderful reviews! When you are older you can read The Peerless Four by Victoria Patterson, about the first women who went to the Olympics.

    1. She says thank you for reading them :)

      I will keep this book in mind for her when she is older, thanks for the tip!


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