Friday, March 15, 2024

Tackling the TBR | Weeks 9 & 10 | Mar 1 - Mar 14, 2024


Here we go!

This is year FIVE of Tackling the TBR and I finally have things sort-of under control. My ultimate goal is to get under 500 books, but I also have to be realistic - just think of all the books not even written yet that I will want to read. When I started this mess  I was at well over 5,000 books on the TBR, so to be where I am now is pretty incredible.

I will post on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and last day of the month.

Prevous Week's TBR Total: 2,092

Currently Reading

I'm posting all my ARCs in the hope it will shame me publicly so I stop getting books from the library and read these instead. Odds are 50/50 that it will actually work.

Books Read

Books DNFed: 0

Books Added to TBR:

Books Removed from TBR: 0

Duplicates Removed: 0

New TBR Total: 2,094

Happy Reading!


  1. Somebody's in a wee bit of an Irish mood, eh? I'd gotten a short history of Ireland myself, plus I borrowed a title on Irish immigrants in early American baseball, but didn't finish either before Sunday. Watching "Michael Collins" made me realize how very (woefully) little I know about Irish history.

    1. Ireland and Scotland are my two favorites countries in the whole world and would gladly live in either one instead of being stuck here, if it were possible. It's such a beautiful and fascinating place.


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