Saturday, February 15, 2020

Book Review | Vicious (Sinners of Saint, #1)

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Rating: No clue

Okay, so anyone who reads my blog regularly is wondering what the fuck is going on and if I have been kidnapped, or have suddenly been hit on the head and have amnesia in regards to my usual reading habits. Not only is this book fiction, but it is not written by Karen McManus, it is not YA, and it is not even a thriller.

I don't now either.

I would post the synopsis, but that would probably confuse everyone even more.

Basically, this book has been popping up as an ad for ages every time I flip open my Kindle cover to wake her up so I can read. And honestly, dude on the cover is hooooooooooooot. Smokin' hot, even. And this is super unusual, because I usually make fun of covers that have half naked dudes on them because they are so trashy and corny and hilarious. Plus, it was free on Kindle Unlimited.

The story itself is what I would assume is a typical enemies-to-lovers story, and I get why the male lead was so fucked up, but I truly do not understand being in love with a guy who is a raging asshole and refers to you as, "Help" because your parents work for his mega-rich family on their estate. And guys like that don't change, let alone in as short of a time as Vicious did in this story. His real name is Baron Spencer Jr but his nickname is Vicious because he is, as I stated earlier, a total asshole and has been since they were teenagers, when everyone was already calling him that. And I think the whole nickname for him and his three buddies, the 'HotHoles' is really stupid. Like, that's the name they gave themselves? Or the name someone else came up with for these four super hot, rich, athletic guys who ruled their high school?

The book has a pretty high rating on Goodreads, 4.17. I did not give it a star rating because I don't think it is fair to do so when it is something so way far outside my normal read, even as I slowly but surely work a little more fiction into the mix.

All that aside, I really have no defense except...dude on the cover was hot. The end.


  1. The dictum "can't judge a book by its cover" comes to mind.

  2. I laughed so hard while reading your review of this! I must admit it's the last book I expected to see appear on your blog! I haven't read this but I've been tempted by the series... Every now and again I'm the mood to read about a total asshole, lol. I have read other books by LJ Shen though so I'm wary of even beginning.

    1. Beliiiiiieve me, it is the last book I ever thought I would read or write a review about! I will also admit that I did look at the rest of the series on Goodreads, though I do not plan to continue reading any time soon.

  3. I called my husband "dude" last night when I was annoyed with something he said. He does NOT like being called "dude" I found out. How could I not have known this for all these years? He did just lose a bunch of weight and looks pretty hot. ha ha


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