Thursday, February 27, 2020

First Line Friday #96

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Evanston, Illinois, in the New world.


CHORUS                When audiences 'round the globe appear,
                           Desiring stories of a woman's fate,
                           Our playwright answereth the calling clear,
                           Preparing ample banquet for your plate.
                           This tale of lasses takes us unto school,
                           With many shrewish girls and boyish asses,
                           Wherein they make mistakes and play the fool,
                           And learn hard lessons far beyond their classes.
                           To this fey story make I introduction - 
                           Which shows us Cady Heron's youthful age -
                           Her narrative unfolds in our production
                           In these few hours upon our simple stage.
                           I, prologue-like, your humble patience pray,
                           Gently to hear, kindly to judge, our play.


Mean Girls is one of my most favorite movies ever; it is endlessly quotable and quite simply, perfect. I am nearly done with this read already and am absolutely loving it. Such a unique idea.

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Happy Reading,

(If the format looks off, please let me know. Everything looks lined up on my screen but I am sure it is bound to look messed-up on someone else's.)


  1. Mean Girls is the bomb, and I can't believe I just watched it for the first time a year or two ago. Anyway cool looking book- i love the cover- a cauldron and skull. Looks fun!

    1. It's only one of the best movies ever, because only Tina Fey could take a non-fiction book about girls who are mean, and make it into an amazing movie. I loved the book, it was so fantastic and really stuck to the movie.

  2. intriguing cover. i've heard of the movie, but never watched it. wonder if it's on amazon prime...i'll be looking
    sherry @ fundinmental

  3. God's wounds, Karen! Thou cannot inquire of yeomen wherefore their complexion is that of Selena above's!

    (This sounds hilarious and I hope it's in a bookstore. I'm not going to buy it, but I could totally read through it with a large coffee. :-D)

    1. It's a great read, I really enjoyed it. The author has given Star Wars the Shakespeare treatment too, I think. It was also a much quicker read than Shakespeare usually is because even though I was reading Shakespearian words, I was hearing it in my head as it was in the movie.

  4. Oh, and on the format -- everything is centered until "Enter Chorus", which is aligned on the left.

    1. Weird! That's not how it looks to me at all. Were you on a computer or your phone or a tablet?

  5. Never seen 'Mean Girls' - at least not the whole movie. My fave High School movies are 'Ferris B' & 'Heathers'.

    1. I think you would like Mean Girls then. Not nearly as dark as Heathers, but still pretty mean! (No murders, but one girl gets hit by a bus, so...)

  6. This sounds outstanding!!! LOL!

    Happy Friday!
    Over on my blog, I'm sharing the first line from When He Found Me by Victoria Bylin: I'm currently finishing A Convenient Christmas Wedding by Regina Scott, so I will share a line from that book here.
    "Nora woke on Christmas morning to the sound of voices calling."
    Hope you have an excellent weekend full of fun and relaxing reading!

  7. My first line is from The Land Beneath Us by Sarah Sundin
    Camp Forrest, Tullahoma, Tennessee. Friday, June 11, 1943
    Most men woke in a cold sweat when they dreamed of their own deaths, but not Private Clay Paxton.

  8. Happy Friday! I haven't heard of that one! Today, I'm sharing the first line from Isaiah's Legacy by Mesu Andrews: "I am Shebna. Small in stature, weak in body, strong of mind. A Levite."

    1. it was a really fun read. And while reading Shakespeare is not easy, it is much more so when it is one of my fave movies!

  9. Ian Doescher's books are so much fun. I'm sharing from The Vault Between Spaces by Chawna Schroeder on my blog today. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

    1. This is the first of his I have read, but I will definitely be looking for more!

  10. Happy Weekend! My first line (actually 2 lines) is from "Draw Me to Your Side" by Marguerite Martin Gray:

    "Closing her eyes for a brief respite, Elizabeth dozed in the afternoon sun peeking through the frosty windowpanes. The image of a coiled, ferocious rattlesnake fought its way behind eyelids seemingly glued together."

  11. after struggling with the other blog for a week or better, ms. m helped me get a new one:


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