Wednesday, April 29, 2020

READ FASTER! Second Edition

*Last week and this week have become insanely busy as I am trying to complete IEPs and paperwork for all of my kiddos now that school is ending on May 15th (a week early). As a result, I don't have much time right now to write reviews, but I do have time to complain about books I am waiting for that have still not arrived.

You can find the first edition HERE.

This post is not entirely serious, but maybe a little bit.

Obviously libraries have been closed for quite a while now - going on I think six weeks now? This means there has been a huge increase in the ebook holds, I am sure. I am one of those people requesting now, as I almost never get ebooks. I want physical copies from the library whenever I can get them.

There are a few books I have put in hold requests for, and I am STILL without them. I am pouting and I realize this is an insanely ridiculous #FirstWorldProblem to be complaining about, but I have not yet complained once since this whole thing started - mostly because I love being at home with my baby girl all day.

Books I Am Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting For

1. The Sun Down Motel The Sun Down Motel
Hold Date: March 30th
Starting Position: 19 on 2 copies
Current Position: 10 on 2 copies

I have seen this one around for so long and finally decided this was the time to read it. I am becoming more interested in adult thrillers, though YA thrillers and Karen McManus will always be my #1s.

2. Wayside School Beneath the Cloud of Doom Wayside School Beneath the Cloud of Doom
Hold Date: March 31st
Starting Position: 4 on 1 copy
Current Position: 1 on 1 copy

You might think this is for Eleanor, but you are wrong Wrong WRONG. I have loved these stories since I was a child and have loved reading them to my classes, and to Eleanor. So yes, it is kind if for her but it is also for me. I was so excited when I found out a few months ago that there would finallyyyyyyyyyyy be a fourth book and had originally put in a hold for a physical copy when the books were still on-order. The library system closed before they could get those copies out, but the ebooks are still available so here we are. I AM NEXT. NEXT!

3. Eight Perfect Murders Eight Perfect Murders
Hold Date: April 11th
Starting Position: 17 on 3 copies
Current Position: 14 on 3 copies

I saw this on Ethan's blog TWO WEEKS AGO and have hardly moved up in the queue at all. In TWO WEEKS! On THREE COPIES!

4. Perfect Little Children Perfect Little Children
Hold Date: April 21st
Starting Position: 9 on 2 copies
Current Position: 7 on 2 copies

I actually can't be mad about this one because I just requested it four days ago.

5. The Woman in Cabin 10 The Woman in Cabin 10
Hold Date: April 21st
Starting Position: 24 on 3 copies
Current Position: 19 on 3 copies

I requested this one the same day as #4 because I was told they have a similar feel.

6. Force of Nature Force of Nature
Hold Date: April 21st
Starting Position: 4 on 1 copy
Current Position: 3 on 1 copy

Team-building gone awry? Sure, why not?!

Okay, so I realize in the grand scheme of things this is not a huge issue. But I really want these books, never mind the fact that I have a pile from NetGalley and hundreds of unread books on my Kindle and five-shelf bookcase stacked two and three deep.


Happy Reading,


  1. Gosh they are just inching along on The Sundown Motel! I'm applauding your patience lol.

    1. I want to scream. SCREAM! But I have to remind myself often that most people do not read as fast as I do and I can't expect everyone to be on my level, but seriously, they need to GET ON MY LEVEL!

      Sideways Stories came this afternoon, Eleanor and I started it right away. I was a little nervous, because I oved the series so much as a kid, but also as an adult reading with Eleanor and my students. I am happy to report that forty years after the first book came out, this one does not sound or feel any different so far.

  2. Dude I am buying Sun Down Motel because it sounds awesome and creepy AF. And thrillers are the bomb! I thought The woman in Cabi 10 was pretty good. I bought it just for the cover haha but the story was fun.

    1. YES!! I have high hopes for Sun Down because I have read so many good things. A little more mixed on Cabin 10 but I love an unreliable narrator and I have seen her described as such.

  3. Just wait until all of these books come to you at the same I think that happens every single time. The Sun Down Motel is a good one.

    1. I am totally up for the challenge if they do! I am super excite for Sun Down. I want it NOW!!!!!


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