Sunday, July 5, 2020

Book Talk | Dismantling White Supremacy Day 8


I began this book last week and would love to have discussions based on the prompts provided within the book. The book is set up so that after each day's reading, there are a handful of prompts to respond to. Feel free to respond to as many or as few as you like. I would love for this to be a discussion and a place where we can learn and grow together. Please be honest, because that is the only way anything will change.

Additionally, I have been compiling a list of books under the #BlackLivesMatter Reading List tab. I am usually adding books daily that I find, or are recommended by others. Please leave a comment on that page if you have titles to add. I hope you can find titles on this list that you will learn from as well.

Day Eight Prompts

Color Blindness - the idea that you do not "see" color. That you do not notice differences in race. Or, if you do, that you do not treat people differently or oppress people based on those differences (definition given at 30%)

1. What messages were you taught about color blindness and seeing color growing up?

2. How do you feel when BIPOC talk about race and racism?

3. How have you harmed BIPOC in your life by insisting you do not see color?

4. What is the first instinctual feeling that comes up when you hear the words white people or when you have to say Black people?

5. What mental gymnastics have you done to avoid seeing you own race (and what those of white privilege have collectively done to BIPOC)?

Let's talk!


  1. Sorry I have not been playing on this one. I am reading a biography of James Baldwin, a chapter a day. Glad you are making lists. Have you read or heard of Womanish by Kim McClarin? Essays by a super intelligent black woman from Boston who also teaches at university level and has written novels.

    1. It's okay. I have been behind in getting my responses up and plan to still do that as well. Please feel free to go back over any old posts and comment as you see fit. I would love to get the conversation going and I appreciate you taking the time. I have not read Womanish but I have heard of it. I will look for it in the library catalog now!

  2. Thank you for your courage in leading us into more understanding. Please continue!!!

    1. Thank you for reading along, Shirley. It is my hope that if at least one person is able to look at their old way of thinking and find where they can make changes, then I can call this a success. I have so much work to do myself that I did not even realize before. It has been an eye-opening experience for me and I will be getting my answers up on all the posts as soon as possible.


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