Friday, July 31, 2020

Special Feature | Eleanor Reads! July Edition

It will come as a surprise to literally no one that Eleanor and I have both done a pretty solid amount of reading when school closed in March due to COVID-19. It's summer now and I officially have a second grader. We will still be working on school material over the summer, but much more leisurely now. I figured we might as well, since most of the places we love to visit during the summer have taken the position of remaining closed until further notice. Besides, I don't feel comfortable taking her out anyway.

Each month I will share the chapter books we've read for the month. It is fun to look back on everything we've read. We've been reading chapter books since before Kindergarten and her attention span as a four year old was definitely something to brag about. Eleanor was born a reader and that makes my heart so, so happy.

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9284198 38392593 6621585 6936379 8243418 45874062 8406811 2689336 19608099 Polar Bears and the Arctic (Magic Tree House Research Guide, #16) 8213538 8131883 44777069. sx318 18410449 18026223 48635876 6939875 8557391 24549795 9531769 8435494 11865242 13151711 17458165 19307694  19080891 40539014. sx318 52786005. sx318 sy475 36374035. sx318 16142097 18552661 6642661  35297210. sx318 19630485 20342522 43822530 38658976 38658974. sx318 Campfire Stories 35297205. sx318

You You can tell school is coming up soon, right? We've crammed as many books as possible into July, because who knows what August will bring! And now that Eleanor is on this paranormal kick, one of our fave librarians found a new series or two Eleanor might also enjoy...

Do the kiddos in your life have an interest in any of these?

Happy Reading,
Eleanor and Sarah


  1. The 'Ghost Patrol' books look like a total hoot! [lol] I can see why your little one enjoyed them [grin]

  2. Interesting that she likes the paranormal stories. I guess that was inevitable for such a voracious reader.

    1. She LOVES paranormal stories! (Hopefully that doesn't mean she will wander off into Twilight though!) Our fave librarian is digging up some other paranormal books/series as well because she can't get enough of them!


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