Thursday, June 11, 2020

Books From The Backlog #49

Books from the Backlog, hosted by Carole's Random Life in Books, is a fun way to feature some of those neglected books sitting on your shelf unread.

I am featuring books in the order that they were added to my Goodreads To-Read shelf, so sometimes there will be a couple weeks in a row of books on the same topic.

Neglected Book of the Week

Why did I add The Plantagenets to my TBR?

They are my fave dysfunctional family after all. Bonus: I own this one!

Have you read this book, or is it somewhere on your TBR? If you've read it, would you recommend it to others?

Happy Reading!


  1. haven't read it and hope you enjoy it
    sherry @ fundinmental

  2. I really enjoyed the old Jean Plaidy series on the Plantagenets. They are a lulu group for sure. :)

    1. I may have to look for it, is it fiction or non-fiction? I enjoyed her book about Mary, Queen of Scots

    2. They're fiction:

      Plantagenet Saga
      1. The Plantagenet Prelude (1976)
      2. The Revolt of the Eaglets (1977)
      3. The Heart of the Lion (1977)
      4. The Prince of Darkness (1978)
      5. The Battle of the Queens (1978)
      6. The Queen from Provence (1979)
      7. Hammer of the Scots (1979)
      aka Edward Longshanks
      8. The Follies of the King (1980)
      9. The Vow on the Heron (1980)
      10. Passage to Pontefract (1981)
      11. The Star of Lancaster (1981)
      12. Epitaph for Three Women (1981)
      13. Red Rose of Anjou (1982)
      14. The Sun in Splendour (1982)

      She also did a Tudor & Stuart series.......

    3. Oh good gravy, that will take me forever! I like her writing style though, and enjoyed her non-fiction book that I read. I am not adding them to the TBR just yet, but definitely keeping this list handy for reference. Thanks CK!

    4. She was a VERY prolific author. That's only ONE of her dynasty lists! BTW - That first book 'The Plantagenet Prelude' is about Eleanor of Aquitaine!

    5. Hooray for Eleanor! I will have to look up more of her books.

  3. I have so many non-fiction books about British history on my TBR right now. We spent three weeks in London last year, so I just kept adding books as I saw them.

    1. Do you have a preferred era of British history? I find my interest wains exponentially during Elizabeth's reign and despite my deep love for Scotland, I can't really get into anything at all beyond 1603. I think at that point the world is just becoming too modern. I want my Anglo-Saxons and Plantagenets and Tudors, and my Stone Age builders.

  4. Very dysfunctional. Haha I hope you love this one when you read it!


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