Monday, June 15, 2020

Commenting Update

Okay, so I tried the comment moderation and what I like about it is that I can delete the spam and it never even gets a chance to show up on the blog. What I don't like about moderating the comments is that the conversations between fellow readers has been slowed down quite a bit and that part was always fun for me because I like when many of us are involved in one conversation, instead of just me interacting with everyone individually. I am removing comment moderation for the time being and hopefully those organic conversations will return. We will just have to ignore the random spammer who leaves the same comment over and over and over - and don't click on whatever link it is they want you to click on!

Thanks everyone for putting up with my changing things all the time.
Happy Reading!


  1. I do the comment moderation thing. Blogger sends me an email for every comment that comes in and all I have to do is approve or not for any comment to be published on the blog. It works for me and does not slow things down as far as I can see. But I understand your decision.

    1. Right, I was getting the emails also. But I found that the conversations between other readers was just not happening as much, which bummed me out. Hopefully this will change for the better again. It also seems like the spam has slowed down, sometimes I was getting five or six a day all saying that nonsense about finding your name meeting. I think there has only been one today, or maybe it was yesterday.


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