Saturday, June 20, 2020

READ FASTER! Ninth Edition

You can find previous editions of me pouting HERE.

This post is not entirely serious, but maybe a little bit.

***Our library system is now open for curbside pick-up!***

...And I am happy to say they are not messing around with this COVID-19 bullshit. You call ahead to get an appointment, and you pick your books up within that half hour time frame. When you get to the location you've chosen to have your books sent to, you call and let them know which numbered parking spot you are in, and your name. A librarian brings the books out and sets them next to the parking stall sign. Once the librarian goes inside, you can exit your car to get your books. When you return books, they are left in a bin for three days before anyone touches them to check them back in.

Originally this list was ebooks only, but now that curbside has started, I am including all books I have requests in for.

Books I Am Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting For

1. The Woman in Cabin 10 The Woman in Cabin 10
Hold Date: April 21st
Starting Position: 24 on 3 copies
Current Position: 5 on 3 copies

I requested this one the same day as #3 because I was told they have a similar feel. Sweet baby Jesus, this is taking as long as Sun Down. Whaaaaaaat the fuuuuuuuck is taking so long??? This is getting beyond ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. I can't even with this one right now.

2. The Nanny The Nanny
Date Requested: May 24th
Starting Position: 5 on 6 copies
Current Position: In Delivery

I loved The Au Pair, so I am hoping this is similar in feel to that? The story lines are quite different, (on the surface at least, who knows what is actually in store for me) but I am hoping to like this one as well. I moved ONE SPOT in TWO WEEKS. FINALLY ON ITS WAY!!!!


Okay, so I realize in the grand scheme of things this is not a huge issue. But I really want these books, never mind the fact that I have a pile from NetGalley and hundreds of unread books on my Kindle and five-shelf bookcase stacked two and three deep.


Happy Reading,


  1. our lib has almost the same sort of arrangement but every time i go past it's all locked up... must be pretty short hours or some such...

    1. The hours are pretty short here too, but ours is also a massive system of many branches. Only four or five branches are open, so all holds are sent to those five if patrons request that (our fave branch is closed so we have to send our books to a different one). Between funding cuts (because the mayor is a terrible person) and having to organize thousands of books getting sent to just a couple places, they're only open 9-4 Wednesday-Saturday.

  2. Ours finally started curbside too, it's been slow, but at least thinga are moving!!!! I enjoyed The Woman In Cabin 10 (I thought the middle went on a little bit, but the ending!!!!!).

    1. Oh gosh, yes! At least things are moving again, albeit slowly. Hours are limited (our mayor's new budget is garbage and calls for massive cuts ti library funding. So help me God, if that happens...) The handful of locations that are open operate only four days a week - I can't even imagine how much planning goes into getting books transferred from their regular branches to the open locations.

      I thought the wait for The Sun Down Motel was long, but this one is dragging on even longer!!!

  3. The anticipation for Woman in Cabin 10 may hype you up more than the actual book itself! Seriously though, it looks like your library reopening is really helping you get access to most of these titles. I'll have to read some more stuff so you can put more on hold!

    1. I ended up really loving it! I knew the wife was involved, but did not guess how. I was genuinely surprised by where it went. I think this is officially the last edition of this mini-meme because all the books I was so desperate for have finally passed through my hands!

  4. One of my libraries is doing this now. I have not gone yet because it is a branch that is a bit far from where I live, but is sure is great to have the option.

    1. It is a much farther trek for us now too, but worth it to finally use our cards again - never mind that we have tons of unread books at home that we own. Hope you get back to it soon as well!


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