Sunday, June 14, 2020

Tackling the TBR Weeks 21 and 22: June 1 - June 14, 2020

My TBR has been out of control for YEARS. Then in January of 2019 I started tracking weekly my true reading/acquiring habits, and voila! I have been able to keep on top of things a little bit better. I may never get below 1,000 books, but at least I won't be topping out over 5,000! When a book cover is linked, it goes to the review here on my blog.

I will be posting on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and the last day of the month. Feel free to join in if you'd like!

If a book is linked in the 'Books Read' section, you can click the cover to go to my review.


Previous Week's TBR Total: 3,094

Currently Reading
43561506 49128496 45046797
  • 53136920. sx318 sy475 359139 51351989 The Lost Pianos of Siberia45046716 52880216. sx318 sy475 49348736 5154222952756711. sx318 sy475 53084465. sx318 sy475 51352065 Enchanted New York: A Walk Along Broadway Through Manhattan's Magical Past 38212134 48815923 50765199. sx318 sy475 6772201 52578667

Books Added to TBR
 A Ghostly Suspect : A Ghostly Southern Mystery (Ghostly Southern Mysteries) by [Tonya Kappes] A Ghostly Secret : A Ghostly Southern Mystery (Ghostly Southern Mysteries) by [Tonya Kappes] 53139187. sx318 sy475 3404. sy475 41564826 6329095 8171378. sy475 27550 41967027

Books Removed from TBR: A Ghostly Suspect : A Ghostly Southern Mystery (Ghostly Southern Mysteries) by [Tonya Kappes] 29772446 A Ghostly Secret : A Ghostly Southern Mystery (Ghostly Southern Mysteries) by [Tonya Kappes] 30363087

Books Read
52000813 22535531 22608162 
24392796 23587128 48836876 42595554 53139187. sx318 sy475 48894047 41564826 51351911 34394482. sy475

Books DNF-ed
28432244. sy475 30199426

Duplicates Removed: 0

New TBR Total: 3,093

Not too shabby that I had all those new adds, but my TBR only went up by one. Whew!

Any of these catch your eye? Have you already read any? Let me know!

Happy Reading!


  1. I saw some of your Foul is Fair reactions on Twitter, and I think you enjoyed that one a lot more than I did! ;) I always add books faster than I can read them, so I don't think I'll ever get my TBR under control.

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

    1. I LOVED it! I was so worried that I wouldn't, because I loved Dead Queens Club SO MUCH, and this one sounded so different. But, Macbeth is is my fave Shakespearean play, so I was cautiously optimistic and this one did not disappoint me at all. I loved it loved it loved it. I'm sorry you didn't though, did you review it? I'd love to read your thoughts/talk about it to see it from your perspective.

      As you can see, my TBR will also never be under control either, no matter how valiant my attempts are!

  2. i'm kind of interested in Anna Comnenius... i did a post on a book by Scott called Count Robert of Paris earlier this year and it was all about that era and Scott's usual plot complexities: it was moderately absorbing but not one of his best... but the interaction between the Crusaders and the Byzantines got my attention...

    1. She is absolutely fascinating to me; I was super psyched when I saw that one on NetGalley. I am not too far into it yet, and like you I am always interested in reading more about the Crusaders and Byzantines. It was a very fraught relationship, to say the least. They were awful to each other.

    2. i'm continuously amazed at how much humans don't change much...

    3. Right? We are 'so advanced', except not really at all.


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