Saturday, June 13, 2020

Stacking the Shelves #98

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly feature co-hosted by Tynga's Reviews and Reading Reality. It is a chance to showcase all the goodies you've collected throughout the week, whether they're bought on-line or in-store, an ARC or a final copy, borrowed from a friend or the library, physical or digital, etc.

Note: I did not do a Stacking the Shelves last week. This haul is from the last two weeks.

Amazon and Amazon First Reads
A Ghostly Secret : A Ghostly Southern Mystery (Ghostly Southern Mysteries) by [Tonya Kappes] 6772201 53139187. sx318 sy475

Kindle Unlimited
A Ghostly Suspect : A Ghostly Southern Mystery (Ghostly Southern Mysteries) by [Tonya Kappes] 34394482. sy475

Author Gift

48894047 41564826

Library Treasures
49232647 42595554 29340182 38212134

Happy Reading!


  1. I am seeing more fictionnnn....:):)

  2. Only 3 for me this week:


    The Last Sunrise by Robert Ryan


    Rise to Globalism - American Foreign Policy Since 1938 by Stephen E Ambrose & Douglas G Brinkley
    The Presidents - The Transformation of the American Presidency from Theodore Roosevelt to Barack Obama by Stephen Graubard

    1. I think I started the Graubard book, but then it only went up through Bill Clinton's presidency. Or I may be thinking of a similar book. I can't seem to find it on my Goodreads shelves right now but I am almost positive it is the same book.

    2. The Presidents is a new edition published in 2009. The original/American title was Command of Office apparently, published in 2004. Quite a hefty little thing at 734 pages (excluding notes which go on forever). So about 10 days reading for me..... [grin]

    3. It must be a different book I am thinking of then. It was published just a few years ago. I am not so positive of them being the same anymore. Oops!


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