Tuesday, May 19, 2020

READ FASTER! Sixth Edition

You can find previous editions of me pouting HERE.

This post is not entirely serious, but maybe a little bit.

Obviously libraries have been closed for quite a while now. This means there has been a huge increase in the ebook holds. I am one of those people requesting now, though in the past this has always been a last resort for me.

There are a few books I have put in hold requests for, and I am STILL without them. I am pouting and I realize this is an insanely ridiculous #FirstWorldProblem to be complaining about, but I have not yet complained once since this whole thing started - mostly because I love being at home with my baby girl all day.

***Our library system is now open for curbside pick-up!***

...And I am happy to say they are not messing around with this COVID-19 bullshit. You call ahead to get an appointment, and you pick your books up within that half hour time frame. When you get to the location you've chosen to have your books sent to, you call and let them know which numbered parking spot you are in, and your name. A librarian brings the books out and sets them next to the parking lot sign. Once the librarian goes inside, you can exit your car to get your books.

I am super happy about this, but am not giving up my places in these ebook queues because I have waited LONG ENOUGH! This does mean though that I can go back through Ethan's posts again to find the books he recommended that our system only had as physical copies. YAY!

Originally this list was ebooks only, but now that curbside has started, I am including all books I have requests in for. Somehow, I still think things will move just as slowly as before.

Books I Am Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting For

1. The Sun Down Motel The Sun Down Motel
Hold Date: March 30th
Starting Position: 19 on 2 copies
Current Position: 6 on 3 copies

This one is dragging on forever. Quarantine will probably end before I even get it. Still at 8, but they must have purchased another copy, so I will take the small victories however I can get them on this one. This is the book that started it all. But now that I finished the PHENOMENAL The Broken Girls, by the same author, maybe it is good that I am getting some space between them. I don't want one to overshadow the other, and want to enjoy them both for what they are.

2. Eight Perfect Murders Eight Perfect Murders
Hold Date: April 11th
Starting Position: 17 on 3 copies
Current Position: 7 on 3 copies

So much closer now! Uuuugggghhhh, STILL 7!

3. Perfect Little Children Perfect Little Children
Hold Date: April 21st
Starting Position: 9 on 2 copies
Current Position: 4 on 2 copies

I actually can't be mad about this one because I just requested it four days ago. I can start to be a little mad because I was at 7 last time I posted about this three days agoI can start to be a lot mad because I was at seven the LAST time I posted this. An improvement, finally. Progress?

4. The Woman in Cabin 10 The Woman in Cabin 10
Hold Date: April 21st
Starting Position: 24 on 3 copies
Current Position: 12 on 3 copies

I requested this one the same day as #3 because I was told they have a similar feel. Sweet baby Jesus, this is taking as long as Sun Down.

5. This is How I Lied 52000813
Date Requested: May 2nd
Starting Position:  9 on 1 copy
Current Position: 5 on 1 copy

In ten days I moved ONE position!! Ugh. A little movement, hooray!

6. Foul is Fair Foul Is Fair
Date Requested: May 2nd
Starting Position: 1 on 2 copies
Current Position: 1 on 2 copies

I can't be too mad - YET. Libraries have only now started to accept returned books, and even then it is still at those select locations that offer curbside check-out delivery. This one still might take a while.

7. Ghosted Ghosted
Date Requested: May 15th
Starting Position: 3 on 3 copies
Current Position: 2 on 3 copies

8. Get Well Soon: History's Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them Get Well Soon
Date Requested: May 19th
Starting Position: 1 on 2 copies
Current Position: 1 on 2 copies

I mean, how can I resist? It's about PLAGUES.

9. The Whisper Man The Whisper Man
Date Requested: May 19th
Starting Position: 7 on 2 copies
Current Position: 7 on 2 copies

I couldn't decide if it was better to take my chance on the physical copies (where I would be 6 on 10) or the ebook, where I am 7 on 2. Obviously I opted for the ebook route, because who knows how quickly people will go to one of the select locations to return physical books.

Okay, so I realize in the grand scheme of things this is not a huge issue. But I really want these books, never mind the fact that I have a pile from NetGalley and hundreds of unread books on my Kindle and five-shelf bookcase stacked two and three deep.


Happy Reading,


  1. our lib is still closed: plants and weeds all over, dust on the window sills, no cars in the parking lot... i park every other day or so in the lot, for sentimental reasons, recalling the long dead, glorious days when a person could actually browse the shelves... sigh... will those times ever come again? (haha)

    1. It's so sad, isn't it?? We belong to two different libraries (well, one is our small town library, and one is the whole Omaha Public Libraries system). The smaller library started curbside right away, but OPL only started it recently, within the last couple weeks. I miss browsing, so so much. Someday!

  2. i haven't physically been to our library or by it in some time. i have two ebooks on my waiting list and it is taking forever. i do miss wandering the aisles and seeing what covers jump out at me
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. YES! I love wandering the stacks. It is the best part of the whole library experience.

  3. We are definitely making some progress though! I can't help but feel partially responsible for all of this lol! I'm so happy to hear curbside has started and that they are taking it seriously.

    1. Only partially?? Surely you jest...

      But truly, I am loving some of the books I've found on your blog (and hating some others). Since posting this particular edition, Sun Down finally became mine and I LOVED IT. I definitely ant to read more of St. James' works.

  4. At least things are moving a bit. Here's hoping you make it to the head of the queue soon!

    1. The list has change so drastically since I posted this one. I received I think three or four, and am done with most already.

  5. Sounds like they're organized! Were the parking spots numbered before? We've been running continuous curbside since we had to closed, but this past week re-opened to the public for 3 hours a day.

    1. No numbered spots before. During open hours they place chairs outside with laminated pieces of paper listing the slot number. Our small library has been doing curbside from the start of the closure, but Omaha Public Libraries took a lot longer to do so. There are I think 15 different branches, so I am sure it took a lot of planning to figure out how to do so for such a large system.

      How do you feel about being open again, even though it is such a short time?

  6. Curbside probably won't start until sometime next month around here. My library gives us 3 weeks for ebooks so waits can take a very long time. Hope you get your hands on these soon!

    1. I am struggling with these fools keeping books for the entire two weeks, I can't imagine having to wait for three weeks! I got quite a few of these titles since posting this - and done with a few already too!


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